Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Throwback


Anonymous said...

Man this is a good one!

You leave just enough for the mind to fill in the blanks (like her neck)

I like the detail of the face, and the thick/shadow line of the bum.

And I definitely think one of your strong points are feet.

side note: I am also a fan of all of your alliterations. (Thursday Throwback) Do you think of those first and then the figure, or vice versa?

Kyle T. Webster said...

Hello, Rachael,

thanks for the very nice compliments on this drawing!

As for the titles, they come after the drawing is finished. I know I will probably not be able to keep up the alliteration forever, but I will try!

Unknown said...

love this one- really dig the silhouette created by her hair... always enjoy seeing your drawing posts! :)