Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Timid Tuesday


Anonymous said...

I like your elbow flourish in this one.

Its cool that you have established some trademark strokes. The elbow and breast flourish is definitely one of them, and I really enjoy this one.

Do those just happen or do you conceptually make a note one day and take it on as your own?

Kyle T. Webster said...

Hi, Rachael,

well, I've just been making these marks for years in figure drawing groups and never realized that I was doing them over and over again until I looked back over my drawings and saw the repetition. I guess it's hard wired into my brain now!

Brandon said...

So minimalistic yet so much expression in her face. Nicely done. I love your work.

... said...

I know you are always making new drawings, but I love this one in particular.

Simplicity that feets the ethereal expresion of the whole picture.

I have a link to it on my blog, hope you don't mind.