Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Takes in the View


Amrinder Singh Nagi said...


Anonymous said...

I love the toe, just love it! Should have been called Tuesday's Toe :)

It adds so much movement.

Anonymous said...

You've hit some high points Kyle, but this may be the highest one yet. Just gorgeous.

Do you (or will you) have any tutorials on doing this kind of illustration? Or have you seen helpful ones out there? I know you use a wacom tablet and Painter X, but I would love to see how.

Regardless, I love the work. Thanks for sharing it.

Kyle T. Webster said...

Thanks, everybody!

Hi, Matthew -
There is really nothing special about my technique in making any of these drawings - I think 15 years of drawing from the figure, and having a day job as a busy illustrator are the keys to why any of these drawings are successful. I visualize a pose and then I just make whatever marks feel appropriate. I sometimes start with an arm, sometimes a foot, sometimes a head - no real method.

As I've said before, I use the 'thick to thin' brush in Painter X and a 6x8 Wacom tablet. Other than that, there is nothing else to it!

I will get my wife to film me doing one of these some day - just have to get our video camera fixed (or get a new one). I don't think you will find it inspiring or 'revealing' in any way, though - it's just me drawing! I guess using a brush on paper would be much nicer - I'm just not interested in scanning, etc. - I'm trying to keep these quick!

Best wishes-

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kyle. I've seen people paint and draw on paper, so to me seeing your process on a computer with a tablet WOULD be insightful and revealing. Frankly, illustration of this caliber done with a tablet is a mystery to me. So here's at least one vote for busting out that video camera. :-)

Kyle T. Webster said...

Sorry - didn't mean to be so blasé about it! Yes, you are right - for those who don't work digitally, I suppose it would be interesting. Maybe I'm just so used to the tablet, it's nothing special anymore? When I have time, I'll video one in progress.

Thanks, Matt -

Logan York said...

The sort of 'implied' line that creates the profile of her face here is really cool.

It's neat to see how you really design these too...negative shapes becoming a shoulder here, an arm there. That's one of my favorite qualities of your work, so it's nice to see it on display throughout these drawings.

Anonymous said...

Yes Logan, it's almost as much about the lines that aren't drawn as it is about the ones that are. Good point.