Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first iPhone game

I know this might not seem like a drawing post, but it actually is! I created an iPhone game and it was launched today. I think you will love it! Players must redraw sequences of lines that appear on the screen. Sound easy? The challenge will surprise you. More info with videos, screenshots and more can be found at the official site. Check it out! Or, if you want to spend 99 cents right away (less than a coffee, right?), then here is the link to the store.


Matt said...

Hey Kyle,

I haven't played the game yet but it is downloading to my phone as I type. I like the blog and thought I would show my appreciation with a bit of support.

Good luck with this and any future apps.


Kyle T. Webster said...

Matt- thank you so much for the support! Happy Wednesday and please enjoy the game! - Kyle

JuanCarlos said...

Congrats Kyle!! you are a machine, I don't have an iphone but i'll recommend this to my buddies!

Kyle T. Webster said...

Hey, Juan Carlos - thanks a million! Please tell your friends that the game also plays perfectly on the iPod Touch. All the best- Kyle

Unknown said...

looks great.too bad i dont have an iphone :( but yea i'l spread the word